Quality Control

Quality Policy Verity Structures strives to provide the best designed and engineered systems to our clients in order to exceed their needs and expectations. Our endeavor is to adopt a quality system to enhance the quality perspective, be efficient by optimization of our resources and through efficacy reach the goals we set demonstrating an overall quality result. We strictly follow and comply with architectural and engineering standard so that the Company has a partner with high ranking structural consultant from Europe for local and international projects. During execution we recommend third party consultant to check our design, fabrication and installation standard that

Verity Structures guarantees to be following accordingly. This process assures quality to the Client and states that our work complies with all the standard specified within the scope of the project. The company ensures through a quality plan to put at client’s service an effective teamwork to achieve a strategic quality objective. Verity Structures will strictly adhere to the client’s requirements, pointing out and suggesting the best practice and safe solution in agreement with client’s satisfaction. The procedure ensures that:

  • Verity Structures will follow the written and approved quality plan from the client.
  • Verity Structures will implement the document to enhance the quality process in accordance with the client.
  • All quality documents are written and approved prior to the follow up proceedings.
  • Amended documents should be recorded, reason due to changes, revision status should be identified, retained for knowledge preservation.
  • A master list of applicable documents is maintained and updated.
  • Providing experienced and skilled resources such as manpower, method, machines and materials
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